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How FRESHKOTE® Preservative Free (PF) works

FRESHKOTE PF offers patients nurturing relief from dry eye symptoms while reducing further irritation1,2

FRESHKOTE PF is a lubricant eye drop designed to support all layers of the tear film.1,2

The active ingredients in FRESHKOTE PF are a patented polymer blend with a unique ratio of polyvinyl alcohol and povidone1,2

Patented polymer blend supports all layers of the tear film

Mucoaqueous layer

Polyvinyl Alcohol (2.7%)1-3

  • Mimics the mucin layer of the tear film by tightly adhering to dry hydrophobic spots, making them hydrophilic
  • Attracts the aqueous portion of the tear film to these areas, completely wetting the ocular surface

Lipid layer

Povidone (2.0%)1,2

  • Integrates with the lipid layer, supplementing it and thereby reducing evaporation while lubricating and soothing the ocular surface

High oncotic pressure

Unique Ratio Blend1,2

  • FRESHKOTE PF was scientifically developed to result in high oncotic pressure when on the ocular surface

High oncotic pressure draws excess water from epithelial cells4

Compatible for use with contact lenses5

State-of-the-art FRESHKOTE PF multidose bottle

FRESHKOTE PF is available in single-unit vials and also comes in a state-of-the-art multidose bottle to dispense precise, nurturing, preservative-free drops1,6

The FRESHKOTE PF multidose bottle design offers:

  • Multidose closing tip system, which eliminates the need for preservatives6
  • Blue tip that helps patients direct the drop into the eye6

The value of the FRESHKOTE PF multidose bottle

Every bottle contains over 300 drops, providing more than a full month’s supply of single-drop doses when dosed 4 times a day.


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