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4 Ways to Buy FRESHKOTE® Preservative Free (PF)

You can purchase FRESHKOTE PF in any of the following ways:


Order now

Call to purchase FRESHKOTE PF

You can call 877.251.2194 to order.

Call now

Ask for FRESHKOTE PF by name at your pharmacy (multidose bottle only)

FRESHKOTE PF is not a prescription, but is kept behind the pharmacy counter. When at the pharmacy, ask for FRESHKOTE PF by name.

Purchase FRESHKOTE PF from your doctor

Ask your doctor if he or she offers FRESHKOTE PF for sale in the office.

Learn more about FRESHKOTE PF

Read the Patient Brochure to learn more. It may also help as a reference when purchasing FRESHKOTE PF over the phone, online, or at your pharmacy.

Pharmacy Information Slip Download Now


FRESHKOTE PF offers a fresh approach to soothing dry eye symptoms

FRESHKOTE PF is a lubricating eye drop that offers soothing relief from dry eye symptoms and prevents further irritation and inflammation.1,2

Inside our patient brochure, discover helpful insights, such as how FRESHKOTE PF works to relieve dry eye symptoms and how to administer the drops.

FRESHKOTE PF can be used with contact lenses and can even be put in directly over them3

References: 1. Holly FJ. Lacrophilic ophthalmic demulcents. US Ophthalmic Rev. 2007;3:38-41. 2. FRESHKOTE PF Drug Facts. Eyevance Pharmaceuticals LLC; 2018. 3. Fuller DG, Connor CG. Safety and efficacy of FreshKote® used as a rewetting agent in Lotrafilcon-A® contact lens wearers. Poster presented at: American Academy of Optometry Annual Meeting; November 17-20, 2010; San Francisco, CA.