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Offer FRESHKOTE PF directly to patients

Order FRESHKOTE PF for your practice and offer it to your patients for purchase. Order online or call 877.251.2194.

Order now

Tell your patients to buy FRESHKOTE PF online

Direct them to visit the Ordering for Patients page on this site to order today.

Tell your patients to call to order FRESHKOTE PF

Your patients can call 877.251.2194 to order a supply of FRESHKOTE PF.

Direct patients to ask their pharmacist for FRESHKOTE PF (multidose bottle only)

FRESHKOTE PF is not a prescription, but is kept behind the pharmacy counter.

Provide your patients with an Order Information Sheet to guide them through these easy ways that they can purchase FRESHKOTE PF.

FRESHKOTE PF offers soothing relief

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